is a contemplation on exile and liberty in today’s world. How can we film our memories? How can we speak about liberty when we are deprived of it? Despite the immeasurable losses caused by a conflict that forced millions of Syrians to seek refuge in the desert, this documentary shows people with extraordinary resolve who reinvented themselves every day and who are bravely struggling to leave the traumas of war behind. The Syrian refugees are surrounded by fences, trenches and bullet-proof vehicles that provide the camp less than sound stability. With no chance of returning home nor obtaining permission to rebuild their lives in another country, they show an unvoiced resistance and have transformed a hostile environment into a temporary home made up of memories and hope.

Premiered in France, at ARTE, in June 2018 | Premiered in cinemas in Brazil, in March 2019 | Premiered on GloboNews in June 2019 | Currently available on NET NOW, Oi PLAY and VIVO PLAY

90 min
Format: Documentary
Launched: 2019
Argument: Ana Cláudia Streva and Ricardo Vargas
Directed by: Paschoal Samora
Production: Nós, Grifa filmes and Gebrueder Beetz Film Produktion.
Co-production: Arte, ZDF, Globo Filmes, GloboNews and Canal Brasil.