São Paulo: Occupied City” offers an opportunity to reconsider our connection with São Paulo, a bustling yet multifaceted metropolis marred by inequality and division. This documentary embarks on a journey delving into the narratives of resistance and perseverance among marginalized communities, amplifying their voices and daily struggles for equitable access to urban spaces. From the vibrant streets of Jardim da União to the communal gardens of Mulheres do GAU, from the intimate theaters of Cia Mungunzá to the ancestral landscapes of Pico do Jaraguá, viewers are immersed in the resilience and fortitude of these groups. Each vignette underscores the importance of embracing diversity and underscores the imperative to construct a city that is inclusive and fair for all. “São Paulo: Occupied City” transcends mere cinema; it serves as a clarion call for action, inspiring us to envision and advocate for a future where every individual can thrive and claim their place in the city we collectively call home.

90 min
Format: Documentary
Launched: 2024
Argument: Ana Cláudia Streva
Directed by: Gustavo Ribeiro
Production: Nós