MISSIONS OF LIFE, a new series on CINEMAX channel

MISSIONS OF LIFE , a series in 10 episodes, which in a positive and instigating way, and with an optimistic look, presents the personal and professional daily life of people who create conditions and opportunities to rescue those who need help.

A coproduction HBO, GRIFA FILMES and NÓS, directed by Mara Mourão; created by Ana Cláudia Streva and Bruno Modolo and produced by Roberto Rios, Eduardo Zaca, Patricia Carvalho and Rafaella Giannini from HBO Latin America Originals, and by Fernando Dias and Mauricio Dias, from GRIFA FILMES, and Ana Cláudia Streva, from NÓS. #grifafilmes #nosdocs # premiere #documentary #HBOBrasil #cinemaxbr.


The film is directed by Paschoal Samora and based on a treatment by Ana Cláudia Streva and Ricardo Vargas. A production of NÓS, Grifa Filmes, Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion in coproduction with ZDF, Globo Filmes, GloboNews, Canal Brasil; in association with arte. Funded by German Film and Media Stiftung NRW Fund and sponsored by Nova Energia.


Nós is a production company that specializes in documentaries focusing on high-impact stories.We strive to be a reference in opinion, shift paradigms and influence practices that lead to a better world.

Through great stories we believe we can bring about a positive impact, create a collective conscious and engage people all while creating a change in society. We develop these stories of change focusing on the international market, always looking for an artistic, humane cut.

With a new concept, we have created a network of professionals, all widely recognized in their fields, who work together to create and develop our stories. We coproduce our projects with large companies already established in the market.




In the digital age, brands need to prioritize transparency while finding a way to engage the audience. Branded documentaries can tell a simple story but full of values.


The series “Destinies” portrays five destinations which the Portuguese airline company TAP flies to: Lisbon, New York, Boston, Miami and Toronto. In each episode, a Portuguese host, who has been living in the place for a few years, takes us through the locations and gives personal tips. The content is available on board of TAP flights, and it serves to promote these destinations.

Client: TAP Airline/Touch
Co-Producer: Claraluz Filmes
Directed by: Eduardo Rajabally & Guilherme Valiengo
Producers: Ana Cláudia Streva, Fernando Sapelli
status: on air


Ana Claudia Streva

Ana Claudia Streva has been working in the audiovisual industry for more than 18 years. She started her career as an editor and first assistant director, having worked in several production companies in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Ana worked for 9 years at O2 Filmes, the biggest film production company in Latin America, where she was responsible for all post-production operations in the Cinema and TV Department at O2 Films. After founding her own production company in 2015, she started producing documentary feature films and Tv Series in coproduction with renowned partners in Brazil and abroad, such as Grifa Filmes, Globo Filmes and GloboNews,Gebrueder-Beetz Filmproduktion, ZDF, Arte and HBO. Ana founded Nós, aiming to develop and produce creative documentaries which can have a social impact. Currently she is producing a ten-episode series for HBO Latin America about people who created innovative humanitarian projects in Brazil called “Mission in Life”, as well as a feature film documentary for ZDF, Arte and Globonews about Zaatari, the largest Syrian refugee camp in the world. Ana Claudia has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communications from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.


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